Thursday, April 17, 2014

Steak and Eggs Breakfast

With the leftover steak from the Ribeye and Lobster Winter Slaw recipe, I made this Atkins/low-carb-friendly breakfast.

Who doesn't love steak for breakfast? 

To make this drool-worthy meal, simply sauté a few thick onion slices in your FOC (fat of choice) until softened. Add leftover steak and cook just until heated through. Pile it on a plate and top with an over easy egg.

That's a happy morning, folks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ribeye and Mini Lobster Tails on a Bed of Winter Slaw

This dinner was inspired by Tyler Florence, Ina Garten, mini lobster tails, and a gorgeous ribeye from Costco. 

I used this winter slaw recipe for the bed. It's a hefty and filling salad. I only added a dusting of feta cheese (I tolerate dairy well) and walnuts. The recipe made enough for us to eat  large servings for two meals each.

Then, I simply sautéed the lobster in a pan with some butter and grilled the ribeye (I added smoked salt to it before grilling).