Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quick Paleo Lunch

I only live a couple of miles from my office, so I'm lucky enough to get to go home for lunch every day. This is such a big help in maintaining my diet. (It also allows me to watch Gilmore Girls every day. Win, win.)

As an example of the kinds of things I eat on a daily basis (this is probably the thing about which I am most asked), today, I had fried eggs on a bed of leftover kale:

Dallas is now home to Trader Joe's, so I bought some of their super-awesome, pre-cut and pre-washed, bagged kale. I sauteed some up with as a side dish for dinner last night. I'll post that recipe at some point in the future.

I fried the eggs in Kerrygold butter that I also bought from Trader Joe's. If you want butter that's made from the milk of pasture-raised/grass-fed cows (without having to find a local farm), buy Kerrygold. You can get it in some grocery stores. In Dallas, Tom Thumb carries it for about $5-6/lb. I was beyond thrilled to learn that TJ's carries it for only about $2.50/lb. SCORE!

I know this is may not seem like a practical choice for those of you using office microwaves for lunch. But, I've had basically this same meal at the office too. I just fry the eggs in the morning before work and then reheat them at lunch with whatever leftover veggies I'm having that day. Admittedly, reheated fried eggs aren't as good as ones right out of the pan, but they aren't terrible. Just leave the yolks super runny, and they won't be too overcooked when you nuke 'em later.

To your good health,