Thursday, November 29, 2012

Starting the Paleo Diet

Sorry I went M.IA. for a bit. I got engaged over the summer and then married in the fall, so I've had my hands full with planning and executing a wedding. And then recovering from the sprint. :) But, I'm back now and am going to try to post more regularly again.

Starting the paleo diet for the first (or second, or fifth) time is a daunting task. I know because I've taken a little break from it myself and am getting back into the swing of things.

When I embarked on the stressful journey of planning my wedding, I began having trouble maintaining my strict diet. Prior to this, I very rarely gave into temptation. I established routines to prevent situations where I had no other option but to make poor food choices. And I felt amazing. Slowly but surely, I found myself breaking these routines in order to have more time for other things (finding a dress, location, planning in general, etc.), and they became the priority.

As other things took priority and my diet suffered, so did I. I felt terrible. Lethargic. Generally "meh." I'd chastise myself to have more willpower. And even with self flagellation, I still failed.

Turns out, recent studies are showing that our human capacity for willpower is limited.
Like, physically limited. In our brains, there is an exhaustible supply of will power. If you spend it all on one thing, there won't be any left over for others.This FANTASTIC blog by Jason Seib (business partner to Everyday Paleo phenom, Sarah Fragoso) explains it. (READ THIS POST!)

The bottom line is this: take baby steps when starting (or restarting) a paleo diet. And celebrate the small victories. I'm taking lots of little baby steps lately, and I'm already feeling better. The refined-carbs fog is lifting, and I'm starting to feel human again ... for a while there I thought I could easily get a walk-on roll as a zombie on The Walking Dead.

To your good health,


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