Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not-So-Paleo Memorial Day Weekend

Sorry for the mini  hiatus. I went on a little vacation to a lake in the north Georgia mountains over Memorial Day weekend. I had lots of fun and ate a TON of food.

This is the perfect example of when I don't eat a strict paleo diet. There are occasions when I let my hair down and just enjoy whatever food is placed in front of me. If someone is going to take the time to cook something for me, I'm going to eat it and be appreciative. (Especially when it's as delicious as the food I was served over the long weekend.)

However, I will say that my stomach didn't appreciate me very much, and I did gain a couple of pounds. But, I'm not worried. A week back on my regular diet, and those will shed right off.

I also used my dad's camera for a lot of these pics. I need to invest in a better camera than my iPhone.

Here are some of the delicious meals and treats I indulged in over the long weekend:

Rib eye, grilled onions, salad and baked potato.
This meal was actually pretty in line with my diet, since I do eat the occasional white potato.

I think the rib eye is the most beautiful cut of meat. So, I took a lot of pictures of it. :)

This wasn't my plate ... I did forgo the bread. 

Pulled pork, ribs, coleslaw, baked beans and corn salsa.

Peach Pie
Having a slice of this pie was probably my biggest indulgence. It's really hard for me to turn down anything made with Georgia peaches.


Other meals not pictured here (and even some that actually were on my diet):

  • Grilled chicken lunch
  • Low Country Boil (it's like a craw fish boil but with: shrimp, mussels, sausage, potatoes, onion and corn)
  • Fish fry (Striper and Carp fish w/ hush puppies and Vidalia onion rings)
  • French toast and fried eggs

This is Mike. He was our chef and host for the weekend. It seems like as soon as we all finished one meal, he was already cooking the next.

I had fun indulging in some really fantastic food with my family for the weekend, but I am glad to be back on paleo now. I know my gut is happy about it too. :)
To being back on the wagon, and to your good health,


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  1. Wow these steaks look so juicy and yummy! Like really juicy! what kind of seasoning did you use for these babies? I wanna make some