Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet

Just a quick post this evening.

Last week, Jimmy Moore raved about the recent PaleoFX conference on the Balanced Bites podcast. It sounds like it was an amazing conference, especially considering it was the first year for the event. I would've attended, but it was held in Austin during SXSW, and I discovered it a little late to ask off work. I do plan on investing in any PaleoFX 2012 DVDs that may be produced.

Jimmy and the Balanced Bites girls gushed about a documentary trailer that was previewed at the conference, In Search of the Perfect Human Diet. I'm always excited to hear about films dealing with the paleo lifestyle and diet because many people (myself included at the beginning of my journey) find watching a film more palatable and less labor intensive than reading a blog and digging into the research.

I ordered the documentary last week, and I received and watched it Monday. It makes an excellent, scientific case for the paleo diet in a very educational way. The host/producer is a former vegan who discovered the diet for himself, and he takes his audience through his journey of discovery.

Here's a quick preview (the guy on the still shot is not the host):

Right now, the film is only available on DVD. My understanding is that they're working toward getting it released on Netflix after it premiers at a film festival.

Coming up in my next post: bulletproof coffee—drink it in the morning and stay full for six hours! (It worked for me today. I'll make it again this weekend and take pictures.)

To your good health,

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  1. The Ideal Protein plan is my perfect diet. I'm following it for about 3 months and I'm having some very satisfying results... I love my achievements and step by step I'm closer to achieve my goal of having a slim, fit and healthy body!