Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coo-Coo for Coconut Oil

Just a quick post tonight about coconut oil.

It's a staple on the paleo diet and has lots of healthy saturated fat. It's solid at room temperature, but it becomes liquid above 76 degrees. It's hearty, too, and holds up to high heat. I actually used it to make deep-fried sweet potato chips this week. (SO GOOD!) It also works well for frying eggs and sauteing vegetables.

In the past, I blogged about using Lou Ana's coconut oil. That was before I learned about the difference in brands. You want coconut oil that is extra virgin and unrefined. (Unprocessed and unbleached.) When I discovered that Lou Ana's didn't live up to this criteria, I found a brand that does.

I've been using Tropical Traditions (and there are lots of other great extra virgin coconut oil brands out there too) for a few weeks now, and I can tell a huge difference in the taste. There's even a big difference in how it looks:

Aside from being great for cooking, the oil has many other great benefits too. It's supposed to be great for conditioning hair and moisturizing skin ... I'll have to do a little experiment and report back on that. There's even some information out there that suggests coconut oil can help halt or even reverse Alzheimer's Disease. (See here and here).

That's all for tonight. I just realized I noted using Lou Ana's coconut oil in a previous post, which was before I learned about its quality. Now I know, and so do you. :)

To your good health,


  1. yes you are right regarding coconut oil! thanks for making me realize how important this is :) loved reading your short post :) lots of love and hugs from pakistan!

  2. Yes! I totally agree with yo. Organic food is very important for your health and body. We should try to find as much as we can organic products to have a healthy life. Coconut is having alot of benefit in it. Thanks for giving this product review.